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Porträtaufnahme einer jungen Frau 1940
Frauenbild: Fotografie.

Junge Frau am Küchentisch.

Foto, auf der Rückseite handschriftl.
datiert Juli 1940; digital koloriert.
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The 1930s in colour
Last year’s newsletters focused on vintage black & white photography, from shots of glamorous women to snaps of mystery men. This year, we shift our attention to colour! Each month, we shall be exploring original colour photographs and digitally colourised creations from a decade in time.

This month, we take a look at 1930s, a decade tainted by the global economic downturn of the Great Depression, increasing racial tensions in the USA, the rise of Fascism in Germany and the eventual outbreak of World War II. We observe the daily lives -with all the joys and the hardships- of those who endured this decade.

Interested in having one of our black & white images colourised for your own project? Contact our research team to find out more about our free colourisation service.

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