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Afrika, Mütter der Massai / Foto um 1920
Völkerkunde / Afrika / Masai (Volk in der Trockensavanne Ostafrikas).

- "Young Masai Mothers Carrying their Offspring through the Lion-infestet Fortest of Kilimanjaro,...
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Stereoscopic Photography
Stereoscopy creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth by viewing two two-dimensional images through a so-called stereoscope. Stereoscopic photographs became popular in the 19th century for amusement and often showed curiosities and foreign places.

The Keystone View Company in Meadville, Pennsylvania, was one of the worldwide largest distributors of stereographic images from 1892 to 1963. We have a range of images from this remarkable collection in our archive, of which we present you a selection here.

They are mostly photographs of exotic places and people as well as famous landmarks that capture the sentiment of the time, bringing unknown corners of the earth to the wider public's eye.