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Napoleon I., Helm und Brustpanzer / Litho nach R.Louis
Napoleon I. Bonaparte, Kaiser der Franzosen (ab 1804).
Ajaccio (Korsika) 15.8.1769 – Longwood (St. Helena) 5.5.1821.

“Casque et cuirasse destinés à l’Empereur”.

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The uniforms of the French First Empire
This fascinating series of collectors' cards dating from the early 20th Century illustrates the art and fashion of war under Napoleon, a long way away from today's camouflaged soldier. These stunning illustrations also make visually clear how international Napoleon's army was with his Mameluke and Dutch combatants. According to some historians, this very internationalism was also one of the causes of French defeat at Waterloo: with regiments who did not speak the same language, the transmission of orders became near impossible, allowing the allied forces to benefit from this confusion.