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Huguette Dreyfus: ihre Hände / Foto 1959
Dreyfus, Huguette; franz. Cembalistin; geb. 30.11.1928
in Mulhouse (Alsace).

Hände der Virtuosin.

Foto, Herbst 1959.
Vintage print, 22 × 20 cm.
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"Musicians' hands as seen by Ingi"
Melomania, the Parisian shop specialising in used classical CDs and DVDs, is the perfect setting for an exhibition of prints by photographer Ingi opening 19 October. Entitled "Mains de musiciens vues par Ingi" ("Musicians' hands as seen by Ingi") the exhibition includes close-up details of well-known musicians playing their instruments. Himself a professional cellist, Ingi rubbed shoulders with some of the most eminent names in the world of music over a period of 20 years from 1955-1975.

If you are in Paris, do visit Melomania at 38 boulevard Saint Germain, Paris 75005. You can also visit the Melomania website here.