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Eisenhower auf Genfer Gipfel 1955, Foto.
Eisenhower, Dwight David
34. Präsident der USA (1953–61), 1890–1969.

Genfer Gipfelkonferenz der Großmächte (USA, UdSSR, FK, GB), vom 19.–23. Juli 1955: Eisenhower...
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Erich Lessing Reportage
Before concentrating on photographing historical topics, Erich Lessing began his career as a reportage photographer, famously covering the Hungarian Revolution.

His collection of black-and-white images covers the post-war period and the Cold War in Europe, tracing not only the political and cultural events of the time, but also everyday life, guaranteeing Lessing's reputation as a press photographer of international stature.

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