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Kandinsky, Wassily; Russian painters and graphic artists,
Moscow 4.12.1866 – Neuilly-sur-Seine 13.12.1944.
Works: Scenic performance of “Pictures of an exhibition”...
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Mussorgsky/ Kandinsky: Pictures at an Exhibition
Wassily Kandinsky's abstract stage designs based on the music of Modest Mussorgsky complete the circle from painting to music back to painting.
Coloured surfaces and plastic forms, which build up in the interaction of coloured light to pictures, disappear again into nothingness. They are the main actors of this theatre project.
Mussorgsky composed his piano cycle after a visit of the retrospective of his friend, the painter Viktor Hartmann, who died in 1873, and thus set a memorial to him.
Kandinsky, on the other hand, was inspired by Mussorgsky's music and transformed his musical pictures into real stage sets, which were used in 1928 for a production of "Pictures at an Exhibition" at the Friedrich-Theater in Dessau.

The photographer Hildegard Ochse visited the reconstruction of the premiere at the Akademie der Künste Berlin in 1983, a joint project of the Berliner Festwochen, the Hochschule der Künste and the Akademie der Künste.