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Canonic Clock
Canonic Clock
Canonic Clock
Uccello, Paolo 1397–1475.

“Canonic Clock”, 1443.

(dial 1 to 24, surrounded by the heads of four prophets or evangelists ?).
Fresco, 460 × 460cm.
Florence, Dome...
Die Uhr
The clock
Astronomische Wanduhr mit Chronos
The Clock
Stillleben mit Römer, Zinnteller, Zitrone, Uhr und anderen Objekten
Device Circle
Time Passes
The open window
Stilleben mit Wecker
Piazza San Marco with Torre dell’ Orologio and façade of Sa
Porträt eines Malteserritters
The S. Giacomo di Rialto Square in Venice
Stilleben mit Blumen und Schmuckkasten
Der Kaktusliebhaber
Five Senses with Clock
Morning Coffee
Il buon governo
Karin and Kersti
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The Art of Time
What time is it? Our whole life is dominated by time and time-keeping, clocks follow us around wherever we are.

We look at clocks and other timepieces in art - enjoy and take your time!