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Clothed Maja
Clothed Maja
Clothed Maja
Goya, Francisco de
1746 – 1828.

“Clothed Maja”, c. 1797.

Oil on canvas, 95 × 190cm.
Madrid, Museo del Prado.
The Family of Charles IV
Manuel Godoy in the field
Portrait of the Duke of Wellington
Dona Maria Teresa da Vallabriga
Self-portrait in his studio
Don Andrés del Peral
Felix Colón de Larriátegui
La reina Maria Luisa con tontillo
The Torero Pedro Romero
The Duchess of Alba
The Countess of Chinchón
Doña Isabel de Porcel
Portrait of a Man
Self-portrait aged 69
King Ferdinand VII of Spain with the royal insignia
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Portraits by Goya
To coincide with the National Gallery exhibition 'Goya: The Portraits' which runs in London in October from 7 October 2015 to 10 January 2016, we take a look at portraits painted by one of Spain's most renowned and best loved artists, Francisco de Goya (1746 -1828).

During the late 18th Century Goya painted all of the most influential figures in the courts of Charles III and Charles IV . Like all great portrait painters, Goya not only conveys a likeness of the sitter but also gives us an insight in to the psychology of the subject. With his innovative painting style, he imbues his subjects with life and character. Here are a selection of these portraits from the archive.