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Democracy in Germany
100 Years since the founding of the Weimar Republic
and the history of Democracy in Germany.

1817 Wartburg Festival: On 18 October 1817, around 500 Students gather at Wartburg Castle, Eisenach to protest against reactionary politics.

1832 Hambach Festival: Protesters' procession to Hambach Castle in support of German unity, freedom and democracy during the Vormärz era.

1837 Göttingen Seven: Group of seven professors, who protested against the abolition, or alteration of the constitution of the Kingdom of Hanover by Ernest Augustus and refused to swear an oath to the new king of Hanover.

1848–49 German revolutions: Popular discontent with the traditional, autocratic political structure of the thirty-nine independent states of the Confederation that inherited the German territory of the former Holy Roman Empire.

1848/49 Founding of the Weimar Republic.
1949 Founding of the Federal Republic of Germany
1949 Willy Brandt "Dare more democracy".
1990 German Reunification.