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Immigration / New York / Italian family
Society: Immigration.

Immigration to the USA: Italian family are brought from the ship to Ellis Island by ferry.

Photo (Lewis W. Hine), undated.
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Recruitment of Irish and German immigrants near the Batteri
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New York City - Immigration and the Lower East Side
Throughout its history, the city has been a major port of entry for immigrants into the United States; more than 12 million European immigrants arrived at Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924. The term "melting pot" was first coined to describe densely populated immigrant neighbourhoods on the Lower East Side. By 1900, Germans constituted the largest immigrant group, followed by the Irish, Jews, and Italians. This flow of people has continued to this day and making New York the fascinating and unique city it is. More than a quarter of the city's population is foreign born, and no single country dominates. Here we explore this history with images from our archives.