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Der Mönch am Meer
Der Mönch am Meer
Der Mönch am Meer
Friedrich, Caspar David 1774–1840.

“Der Mönch am Meer” (The Monk by the Sea), c. 1808/10.

Oil on canvas, 110 × 171.5cm.

(photo before the restoration in 2013/2016).
Seestück bei Mondschein
Nordische See im Mondlicht
Moonrise over the Sea
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Window with view of a park
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Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840)
5 September 2024 - 250th birthday
German Romanticism
Caspar David Friedrich is probably the best known painter of German Romanticism. His painting of the "Monk by the Sea" caused a scandal in his own time - the emptiness of the large canvas was derided by contemporary critics. Today his work is known all over the world and the perfect companion for autumn. We present a small selection.