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Portrait d’un homme élégant
Portrait d’un homme élégant
Portrait d’un homme élégant
Béraud, Jean 1849–1936.

“Portrait d’un homme élégant” (Bildnis eines eleganten Herrn), undat.

Öl auf Holz, 37,8 × 24,1 cm.
Kunsthandel New York, Sotheby’s,
Elegant Party on a Terrace of a Venetian-inspired Setting
Elegante Welt
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?  ???  ?????  ?|Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Garden
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Two Women in an Elegant Interior: a Singer Accompanied by a Lutenist
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Libellus Valde Doctus Elegans, et Utilis, Multa et Varia Scribendarum (Elegant and Useful Book on the Learned Art of Writing)
A Collection of Designs for Household Furniture and Interior Decoration, in the most approved and elegant taste
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A woman getting out of bed in an elegant interior, with two servants about to help her get dressed, while her husband sits in an armchair at right
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Le comte Robert de Montesquiou
La Belle Elegante
La Belle Elegante
Preiswerte Einzel-Modelle. Schwarzer Persianer, sportlich – elegant mit grosser Fuchskappe
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