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Walt Disney in Venedig 1952 / Foto
Disney, Walt (eigtl. Walter Elias).
US-amerikan. Trickfilmzeicher und Filmproduzent; Chicago 5.12.1901 – Burbank (Cal.) 15.12.1966.

In Venedig 1951: Walt Disney...
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Film Makers
There are numerous films that are set in Venice, with Orson Welles’ “The Merchant of Venice” and Federico Fellini’s “Casanova” leading the way. Welles and Fellini are among the many film directors and screen writers who frequented the city and who are represented in the Cameraphoto archive.

Walt Disney visited Venice in 1952 with his family and some lovely photographs show intimate dinners and a ride in one of the gondolas. Orson Welles on a water taxi and Fellini walking along the canals with his wife are also highlights from the Cameraphoto collection.