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Walter Crane / Foto 1902
Crane, Walter; engl. Maler; Liverpool
15.8.1845 – London 17.3.1915.
Porträtaufnahme (Lichtdruck nach Photographie), 1902, von Frederick Hollyer, London.
Mrs Walter Crane
When Lilies of the are done (…)
Here, stately Lilies, pale and proud (…)
Great Peonies in crimson pride (…)
The little Lilies of the Vale rose (…)
The little Crocus reaches up / To catch the sunbeam in his
The Daffodil his trumpet blows (…)
The Monk that wears the hood of blue (…)
Or, burning like an orange flame, (…)
Here Lords and Ladies of the wood (…)
Sweet Hyacinths their bells did ring (…)
Anemones rode out the gale (…)
The Snowdrops first upon the scene (…)
Fair Columbines that drew the car of Venus (…A)
The sullen winter nearly spent, / Queen Flora to her garden
And Love’s own flower the blushing rose (…)
Robin Hood and Little John
And while Time his scythe is whetting (…) The Four Seasons flight forgetting (..)
The King joins the hands of Robin and Maid Marian
Hoch das freie Wahlrecht
Maifeier 1897
Der Triumph der Arbeit – Gedenkblatt zur Erinnerung an die internationale Feier des 1. Mai 1891 – den Arbeitern aller Länder gewidmet
Dem Angedenken der Kommune von Paris
Where shining Buttercups abound / Among the Cowslips on the
(..) the Triton’s spear / Foretells the wanging of the year
The blazing Sunflower, black and bold, / burns yet (…)
The fond Convolvulus still clings, / The Honeysuckle spread
Fresh pinks cast incense on the air (…)
Ere doth the floral pageant close / With one last flower –
Solidarity of Labour
Let me help with some o’ those Ma’am
And the throng that witnessed was London’s Pride
Honey Moon
Ödipus und die Sphinx
Der Triumph der Sozialdemokratie 1864 – 1904
And the fortune in gifts (…) A new Penny-Royal, a fine go
A Lily white robe was worn by the Bride (…)
The Horsetail scaped from Wolfe’s Claw (…), The Friar’sco
Narcissus bends over the brook (…) while Eyebright observ
Was a Dandelion in youth I have heard
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Walter Crane
15. August 1845 bis 14. März 1915
100. Todestag