It shows the same composition as Van Dyck's painting of the subject in the Louvre. The National Gallery in London holds a modello for an engraving with the same composition. This modello has the same measurements as your painting. The modello is on panel and is much more refined in style. The depth in the depiction is also larger in the modello than in your painting. Therefore, we believe that your painting is not an autograph work by Van Dyck himself.
Your painting does not seem to be a preliminary sketch for the painting in the Louvre, since Van Dyck usually did not work out the background in his sketches. Your painting follows the modello very closely, also in details, which suggests that it was done by someone who had access to the modello.""

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Rinaldo und Armida
Rinaldo und Armida
Rinaldo und Armida
Dyck, Anton van (1599 Antwerpen - 1641 London) UmkreisRinaldo und Armida. Nach dem Epos von Torquato Tasso. Öl auf Leinwand. Doubliert. 58 x 42,5cm. Provenienz:Privatsammlung...
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